Stories About Your D&D Campaign


I am interested in stories from the few people who still use this site and check these forums. I’ll start it off and share a story from one of my recent sessions.
OK, so for this story I was the DM, and it was my first time DMing, and it’s in 5e, and my players hadn’t played before either. Lots of learning experiences, for all parties apparently. Yes, that was an intentional pun.
So, what happened was, I said, “You’re all at a tavern. It isn’t a particularly busy night, there aren’t many people there. Are you guys going to do anything?” One of the players, who’s playing the cleric Corrin Goodbarrel asks me, “Is there anyone to talk to while we’re waiting for stuff to go down?” So I improvise a bit and say, “Well, as I said before, it isn’t a very crowded night, uh, there’s a group of three people sitting around what seems to be a map with pinned locations, there’s a couple that are eating a dinner with some nice candles, you know, that kind of thing.” Corrin tells me, "I talk to the people with the map."FGHNBVCFVGBHNHFVGHNHGHNJHGVBNHG. That was my problem with that, or at least my head’s reaction. “What do you say?” I asked him. “Er… I ask them why they have a map out right now and what they’re doing and why.” GHGTRFGHGTghNHGJHGFHNGBNGHG. Long story short, it evolved into me making a faction that made me throw out the module that I was using for this. It was fun.