Suggestion: Allow users to pick multiple environments and also to rule out certain creatures


Here’s what I’m thinking: I’m in need of creatures that you might see on an island that shifts from beach to forest to highlands. So I come to the generator and being able to select “forest,” “hills,” and “mountains” would be great. So I roll the encounter and I get:

1 Hobgoblin Captain
2 Bears
3 Wolves
1 Dryad

Well, the bears and wolves are good but the Hobgoblin and Dryad don’t really work for my settings. Instead of just rerolling until I get something better, let me rule out the Hobgoblin and Dryad, keep the bear and wolves, and let the generator fill in the rest so it’s a balanced encounter again.


I like this idea. So essentially encounters can be continually developed by “locking” monsters and then randomising another build on top (essentially this is what the seed monster feature does more simplistically).

Defo on the TODO for once the current feature set is up to date with the new data.



Bingo bango!

Here’s another one that might be a little more of a challenge (though I know literally nothing about coding so who am I to say?).

Okay, so I know that there’s a formula for calculating how difficult an encounter will be for certain groups. 3 lvl 5 characters wanting a medium encounter need x experience vs this monster has y experienced multiplied by z for the number of monsters in a fight.

What would be cool, is if there was a calculator that let me input certain classes and told me how difficult an encounter would probably be for them. For instance, a group consisting of a ranger, mage, and cleric is going to be able to handle monsters differently than a group of fighter, warrior, rogue. So what I’m thinking is instead of just punching in “x Level 5 characters” let me specify that I have 1 ranged, 1 melee, 1 “tank”, 1 healer and then judge how difficult the encounter would be. For instance, if a DM has a very squishy party, they’re going to want to focus on monsters that have high HP but low DPR. If a DM has all tanks that don’t do much damage, they’re going to want the opposite. Ranged players have the most fun when they get to fight ranged monsters (or are able to keep the monsters at range). If my party has no healer, I need someone with low +hit.

And you could crowd-source it too. Let users put tags on monsters that shift them into certain categories.

Finally, you wouldn’t need a button that finds monsters for the party specified. You’d just need a description on the list that says if the generator thinks it’d be good or not.

This might be more trouble than it’s worth but I just thought I’d share. Thanks for the tool!


Hmm interesting. I think the main challenge here would be trying to model the relationships between the different types of players / monsters that actually reflects the game in a non-broken way. Obviously the current encounter XP / challenge system is from the source books and went through extensive play-testing in order to not be broken.

Worth thinking about for the future though! Thanks again for the ideas!


This piggy backs off my first idea about keeping certain monsters from the generated list as I generate more but make it so that it actively updates the encounter stats as I tinker with it. For instance, I just rolled an encounter that produced a result of 3 Young Remorhaz. Well, what I’d like to do is take one off and see how difficult the encounter is then. I use your calculator to generate random encounters and another one to calculate the difficulty of an encounter when I make it (donjon’s usually but also dhmstark but I’d much rather have it all in one place (your place since I like yours the best).