Suggestion: Non-Combat Encounters


With your generator, have you ever thought about putting in non-combat encounters? Say, for example, the party encounter some travelling merchants, a wounded NPC, or one itinerant minstrel and wandering vagrant who’s at their service.

These friendly encounters are always good to encourage roleplay and spices up game play when not every single random encounter isn’t a goblin who’s feeling a little annoying, or a bugbear that wants to feast on the party’s faces. :slight_smile:


Oh like random quests that your party finds? That seems neat but it would be more writing intensive than what they’ve done so far which is just inputting stats and stuff.

dnadd, I like this idea and would be willing to contribute to the project through writing if you wanted to croudsource it and build a way for people to add non-com encounters and I’d wager that a lot of other people would be too.


Not so much random quests, just some random NPC on the road like a wandering merchant. It’s down to the DM at that random encounter to build off of it :slight_smile:


I get how you feel. There isn’t much in the way of casual critters using the generator. If you’re all tired of combat, substitute the next encounter with something benign. You just did three, and Steven_Paul seems down to add to it! Keep it up and we’ll have a dope resource next time our groups are weary of battle.

If you still prefer the generator to do some of the work for you, non-combat encounters are a state of mind - interpret what you generate to fit your needs.

Generated 12 orcs, but your group is sick of having to cut down every living thing on their journey? Make the orcs beleaguered and injured, unwilling to fight but attempting to bully passersby into giving them food and medicine. Maybe they’re easily intimidated into exchanging the hard-won spoils of their raids in order to survive.

Generated a mob of undead, and your party is already on the brink of death themselves? Make up (or generate!) another group of critters for the undead to be fighting against, and let the party hide and watch. Maybe they wait for the fight play out and scavenge the aftermath after everyone’s gone, or they might choose to pick off the remnants of the victors.

You’ve also got those good and intelligent neutral-aligned creatures the generator occasionally coughs up:

Generate 10 centaurs, and have them seeking aid for one of their number who is mad with cryptic mutterings. Perhaps the raving centaur will impart that adventure hook or foreshadowing you’ve been looking for a way to introduce.

Generate 4 druids and have them ready to barter on their journey to the seasonal festival of their order. Your group takes it from there - striking up conversation with the druids or accompanying them to witness the festival could be a welcome distraction, or exactly the direction you were hoping for.

Hit that Generate Encounter button enough times, and you’re bound to come up with some encounter that you can make serve your goals.


Seems like an awesome idea! I hope someone implements it at some point.