Suggestion: Output with monster stat block


Thank you for creating this tool. I’ve just started DM-ing for my group, and it i really useful part of prep work for each session to generate a few feasible encounters.

What I have done in the past, and am doing now, is create one page sheets for each encounter, with stat summary blocks and space for tracking hit points etc.

What would clearly help me, and people who prep in a similar way, is some way to get the access the monster stats, so I can put them into the encounter.

The fully-featured version of this would be some kind of encounter sheet with all stat blocks neatly separated, and a small reserved space to track hit points and conditions for each monster.

A simpler version would just link to available source data to make it easier to compile this myself.

What I am doing right now is generating an encounter then finding the monsters in the OGL content and cutting/pasting them to a document. Would be great to have any enhancement that sped that process up


Seems like an awesome idea! I hope it gets implemented at some point!