Suggestion: Theme/Type of monster


Hey I am loving your Generator, but I would like a less restrictive way to limit the choices used

For example, I am running a campaign where there is a lot of undead, and rather than selecting zombie or skeleton I would love just to select undead and have a mixture of all the undead characters

Thanks again


Hello, First off, let me say that as a new DM and a new learner, this will make my life easier and the game a whole lot more interesting :smiley:

I would also think that is possible, sorting by types would be awesome…
In my campaign, my party managed to get a flying ship, while it Does have limitations on how far and how long it can fly, it’s still a pretty big deal, I think.

Thus, I would Really LOVE to be able to select “flying” types of enemies to chuck at them, while they’re off lolligagging on the ship while it’s flying.
We’re only a few sessions in, and thus far I haven’t thrown anything at them while the’re in the air, but I will.

Thanks in advance <3


You could do this pretty easily using the Ranger’s list of favored enemies and adding in things like flying, sapient (i.e. cognizant species or mindless animal), and allowing you to specify size (sometimes I just want to throw something massive at my players).